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Highway Grading

For the Kansas Department of Transportation, Max Jantz Excavating, LLC moved 3.2 million cubic yards of dirt for 8 miles of highway by implementing efficient haul routes and by teaming 631 Caterpillar Scrapers with D9 Dozers. Using their vast knowledge, our supervisors are responsible for highway grading, bridge header construction, culvert pipe installation, and box culvert excavation. GPS technology and in-cab video screens keep our skilled 627 Scraper operators and Road Grader operators on track, resulting in speedy completion and absolute accuracy.

Other highlighted highway grading projects include:

  • Jackson County US-75 Improvements with 1.5 Million Cubic Yards of Dirt
  • Gray County US-56 Improvements
  • Seward County US-54 improvements with 1.5 Million Cubic Yards of Dirt



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